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Player of the month - Carla Jackson

Age - 31
Marital Status - Living in sin
Star sign - Sagittarius (the best!)
Instruments - Flute, piano, recorder, chanter and vaguely remember playing an oboe for 2 years
Most memorable musical event - my first piano lesson with my Great Aunt Freda (a fabulous lady who unfortunately passed away 2 months ago)

Most embarrassing moment - are we talking musically?  If so falling off the back of a stage when I was 16 in front of about 1500 strong audience and getting wedged between wall and stage.  If not unfortunately I experience embarrassing moments nearly every day so they would be too numerous to list

Hobbies - wine tasting (ha ha!), DIY and the forced hobby of gardening

Favourite food and drink - Monk fish and tonic water (with the odd shot of vodka or gin)
Life before Notts Police Band - obviously didn't have much of a life but arrived in Nottingham from Scunthorpe to study Public Administration degree at Nottingham Trent Uni.  Music took a back seat for a few years owing to the odd social event!  Met odd Scottish drummer who suggested that I play for some crazy band who practised in Epperstone - never looked back

Any other info - think I've told you enough - sure you're going to put this on a dating website for a larf!
Assume you want photo with me playing/holding a flute.  If not all other photo's involve me holding alcohol!









President:  Steven Green M.A Q.P.M   Chief Constable Nottinghamshire Police

Vice President: Mike Manley   Detective Superintendent

Director of Music:  Gary D. Glover  A.R.C.M  


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