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Websites win business

We aim to make your website work for you. If you want a good looking website, that achieves high traffic levels and is found by your Customers, but you are not prepared to pay a fortune - then look no further.

We have produced websites for clients, from holiday homes and tourist accommodation businesses to the more unusual such as a furnace manufacturer, driving school and a lavender farm. We are also proud to run the website for the North Nottinghamshire Tourist Association, a major tourism website in the UK...>>>  

Going out for the evening for a meal then onto a nightclub. Bought a new very short pleated skirt and strapless bustier top - very sexy. Dressed and ready to go out. Taxi with friends due in 5 mins when boyfriend gives me a present. What a surprise a pair of knickers the shape of a butterfly. Quickly put them on and realize that there's a dildo. Feels amazing as it slips into place and boyfriend pulls ties tightly.  Skirt down and coat on as door bell rings. Taxi arrived and waiting. Boyfriend produces a keyfob with electronic device, the dildo is controlled by remote. Reach forward to take it from him but he drops controller into his pocket, grabs my arm and we head for the taxi.

Get into back seat of taxi next to Emma. Jack and Chris get in and sit opposite. 

Sudden realization of situation: from where I sit the boys can see up my ridiculously short skirt ; I've got an even more ridiculously small pair of undies on; the undies have a dildo that's inserted into my private parts; its controlled by a remote device over which I have no control and I don't know what it actually does. I curl my legs together as tightly as I can into the seat to glean a little decorum.

Catch a glance from Jack, who then smiles to Chris, Chris smiles back to him, turns to me and grins. Christ, does Jack know as well!! Emma interjects pleasantries at me, 'how are you?' 'Oh, fine, and you?' 'yeah, fine'. 'Had a good week at work?' 'yeah, not bad, a bit dull really' I reply. 'Oh well I hope tonight makes up for it' It's crossed my mind that she knows too...

I complement her on her dress, she asks where I got mine and I'm relaxing a little now, the boys are chatting and I'm in full flow chatting about shops when it starts, a soft tingling of fingers caressing my G-spot as the dildo vibrates deeply. As I tense the sensation becomes more erotic, fast filling my senses, my whole body tightens, I can feel my breasts growing, nipples engorge and erect and it takes me all my might to finish the sentence.

I look across at Chris who's in deep conversation with Jack and doesn't appear to be watching, then he turns around smiles at me and asks 'everything OK' ?.  I nod feebly, then turn away as the sensation invades my whole body, tickling and nibbling, throbbing and pulsing. My skirt is riding up as my legs part, but holding them together just deepens the situation. I'm not aware of my surroundings anymore, I fight the feelings but I'm losing, and then it stops, the pulsing stops as suddenly as it started.

I feel drained and sit back into the seat, readjusting my skirt. I feel embarrassed and I daren't look at the others. I just sit calmly, the others are in conversation and I steal a glance at Chris, he meets my eye and grins at me, I feel small and naked, but at least it's over. He's watching me now and it dawns that he's going to switch it on again, he can switch it on whenever he wants and turn me into a gibbering wreck. The thought of it makes me excited again


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Websites win business  
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