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The Nottinghamshire Police Band can directly trace its origins to the Nottingham Borough Police Band, formed about 1887. The first recorded engagement was performed at the Mayerís Annual Garden party.

In those days the police Service was very much run on military terms and the band was formed on the same basis as Military service bands, with a mixture of woodwind and brass instruments. Players were regular and retired Police Officers and others invited to assist. There were no female instrumentalists. (Female members appeared on the scene in the 1960ís)

Very little Music was officially written for Military Bands and the repertoire was based on arrangements of orchestral works adapted for this type of Band.

Engagements took place throughout the year and during the summer months the band featured in many of the parks in and around Nottingham.

Invited guests conducted the band, but in 1896 the first regular Police Officer was appointed to that post. In 1897, Queen Victoria decreed that Nottingham would become a City and the Band was officially known as the Nottingham City Police band.

It was during this time that the then Chief Constable, Mr Cloy regularly conducted the Band at many of its functions.

For many years the band continued to feature very much in Nottingham social life. There was a short break in continuity during the First World War, but later continued to function up until the start of the Second World War. Many regular Officers were drafted into the armed services, but the Band continued as the Nottingham City Special Constabulary Military Band.

After the war, under Captain Popkiss the Band continued and a succession of retired Army Bandmasters were appointed. A short-lived Nottingham Police Orchestra was formed in 1948.

In the 1950ís, the Band continued to be part of the Nottingham scene regularly taking part in radio broadcasts and annual Charity Concerts, with guest compeers such as Michael Aspel, Hughie Green, Shaw Taylor and many others.

In 1968 the City Police and County Police Forces amalgamated and the Band continued as the Nottingham combined Constabulary Band with great demand on its services.

Nottingham is twinned with the City Of Karlsruhe in Germany and the Band has been guests of the Karlsruhe police Band on several occasions and attracted great interest and acclaim in that City as it performed to the delight of local cityers. The Karlsruhe police Band that led to many long-standing friendships have made return visits to Nottingham.

In 1998 the Band changed its name to the Nottinghamshire police Wind Orchestra, reflecting a more modern approach to Banding. A long tradition of service to the community will continue with the now named Nottinghamshire Police Band, under the baton of Gary Glover, Associate of the Royal College of Music, a serving officer of considerable musical talent and background.




07866 262182


President:  Steven Green M.A Q.P.M   Chief Constable Nottinghamshire Police

Vice President: Mike Manley   Detective Superintendent

Director of Music:  Gary D. Glover  A.R.C.M 


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